Little Portugal


When I’d had enough of Kensington Market, I let my stomach guide me further west along Dundas Street. I was on the hunt for a much dreamed of Portuguese custard tart. Having had been lucky enough to sample a few of these beauties several years ago, I have been craving them ever since! Luckily, I didn’t have too far to go. Dotted along Dundas are a few outlets of the Caldense Bakery. I stopped inside to sample a tart and warm up with a coffee. I enjoyed the tart so much that I decided I couldn’t keep the gustatory pleasure to myself so I picked up some up for the sisters.



I continued along Dundas, further into the heart of Little Portugal. What a charming neighbourhood! It was such a treat to see Portuguese signs and advertisements in store windows. It really was like being transported to Portugal (not that I’ve ever been!!), minus the warm weather and sandy beaches. There were many restaurants and cafes that I would like to return to and test out. I also passed many boutiques offering formal gowns and evening wear, should I ever been in need. I should have picked up a sparkly number for the jubilee celebrations!

I finished my exploration of Little Portugal at Dufferin Street and navigated my way to the subway. After a longer than anticipated walk up to Bloor, I happily collapsed onto the subway seat to rest up for the last leg of my Saturday journey.


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