Kensington Market

I recently had a free Saturday to do some exploring in Toronto (my first since I arrived!) and I took full advantage of it. Despite the somewhat gloomy wet weather, I set off for parts unknown. First stop: Kensington Market. I had heard many great things about this neighbourhood – the eclectic shops, multicultural cuisine to be tried, and interesting artwork and architecture. To get there, I had to battle with the TTC and subway closures. After a combination of subway, shuttle bus, and hoofing it, I arrived at my destination.




I popped into the interesting shops, including the Blue Banana Market, which has a diverse assortment of wares. Kitchen gadgets, handmade hats, scarves and socks, children’s toys, gourmet foods, novelty items, candles, bath products. The list goes on. Even though I emerged empty-handed, I was toasty warm and ready to check out the other sights.



As I wandered the streets, I came across a series of fantastic metal art adorning a front lawn, including a Vespa scorpion and other unlikely creatures!


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