The Mother of All Vigils (Holy Saturday)

IMG_0254The cover of the missalette for Easter Vigil Mass, also known as the Mother of all Vigils here in the Philippines. The priest even referred to it as such during his homily.

CIMG4323The Vigil is about to begin.

CIMG4328Lighting the Easter candle.

CIMG4330With our lit candles at the beginning of Mass. (With the fans off, it got very hot very fast.)


CIMG4337Setting the sanctuary for Easter. The cross is unveiled and banners are hung and the altar is decorated with flowers.

CIMG4339Renewing our baptismal promises by the light of the Easter candle.

Earlier in the day…

IMG_0253Making brownies (3 trays!) for Easter Sunday lunch.


Percy after his annual Easter bath. Chilling on the clothesline.