Good Friday

CIMG4308A rather blurry view of the sanctuary, waiting for Mass to begin. To secure a seat close to fans, I arrived almost an hour early. It was worth it.

CIMG4310Lining up for the veneration of the cross.


While waiting in line, I had time to admire the stained glass windows.

CIMG4316From the Stations of the Cross in the church parking lot.


CIMG43205th Street (adjacent to the church) full of hopeful vendors looking to make a sale to the throngs of churchgoers. All this week at Mass we were warned that thieves and pickpockets would also be among the vendors so to be vigilant.


CIMG4322A much better shot of the parish and the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Palm Sunday

Living in the Philippines for a year brings the gift of experiencing faith through a new culture. I have been looking forward to experiencing Lent, Holy Week, and Easter with new eyes. Holy Week is now upon us but rather than give any commentary on the celebrations this week, I would like to simply share images. Below are photos from Palm Sunday.


Making and selling palm branches along Broadway Avenue


Many different styles


Palms in progress


With colourful paper flowers


Selling by the roadside


The sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Palm Sunday