Feelin’ the love

A little over a week ago I made a return visit to Sarnelli Center for Street Children in Batangas. My fellow novices joined me and I was delighted for them to meet ‘my boys’. 

What a happy reunion! My heart danced with joy to be with them again. We arrived in time to have lunch with them and spent the afternoon playing games and sports, reading stories, and watching a movie together. I felt right at home with them again. 

When it came time to leave and return to Manila, it was with a much lighter heart that I said goodbye to the boys. I left them knowing that they are forever in my heart but that I will also keep in touch with them by mail and email and I will do whatever I can to assist them from Canada. 

I trust that God has brought them into my life to be loved and that God will find ways for me to keep loving them from afar.

One thought on “Feelin’ the love”

  1. So glad you had that opportunitiy to go and see your boys again. How happy they must have been. I know much good will come out of this mutual experience.


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