The Abbey is on TV!

Daily Mass is now being filmed at the Loretto Abbey Chapel! Today is the first day that the Mass is being broadcast. You can watch it on Vision TV and on YouTube and see our beautiful chapel. I’ve never actually watched a Mass on tv but I’m thinking I may have to start just so I can see the sisters on tv!

For the past six weeks, we have had technical crews in and out of the Abbey, working industriously to adapt one of the chapel sacristies into a control room. They’ve installed a new sound system and new lighting. In the last week they installed rather expensive looking video cameras, one mounted just below the second floor balcony, and two roaming cameras in the sanctuary area. It has been very impressive to see how quickly they’ve worked.

Filming started on Tuesday. Two Masses are filmed each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. One at 4pm and the second at 5pm. Daily Mass for the sisters has now moved from a morning Mass to two in a day for those that wish to participate! So far I haven’t arrived home in time to attend one of the Masses but I’ll try to sneak in sometime and look my holiest, just in case the camera picks me out of the congregation. 😉


7 thoughts on “The Abbey is on TV!”

  1. I like to hear mass on Sunday or Saturday evening, is it open to the public? If it is, what are are the schedule……. Thanks and God Bless


  2. Gods magnificance! His creating the internet from which His Word is transmitted to our entire world, Praise God! He ensures no one is left out especially the isolated, ill, homebound and those anxiously waiting daily to be part “of His Community!” Loretto Abbey is most blessing to us, all.


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